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Welcome to the Hamden Public Schools Capstone Portal. This site allows students to access all important Capstone documents and materials to create their unique Capstone portfolio. All three phases of Capstone (Project Discovery, Project Development and Project Exhibition) are documented on this platform to complete the Capstone portfolio.


In this phase, sophomores in Civics class will lay the foundation for the Capstone project. Students will investigate their interests and passions and develop ideas that could become feasible Capstone projects. Prior to the end of the year students should have an approved project proposal to complete during their junior year.

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Project Discovery

In this phase students will propose their Capstone project and complete the necessary documents to get started on their projects. The Capstone proposal is the first step in being ready to do a Capstone project and allows you to consider the impact your project will have and why you want to do a project on your particular topic. It will also help you plan for and anticipate challenges you may face and how you will overcome them. Your proposal will be approved by your Capstone Mentor before you begin your work.


In this phase students will work on completing their project. Throughout this phase students will write a series of reflections to document their progress on their projects.

Project Exhibition

In this final phase students will prepare for their final presentations and reflect on the process of completing a Capstone project. You will present your project to Hamden community members and then reflect on the process with your Capstone advisor. Reflecting on a project this large is just as important as the completion of the project.